Baby Isobelle – 8 weeks old

Baby Isobelle – 8 weeks old

Baby Isobelle – 8 weeks old

Isobelle was sleeping in a hammock during the day but Mum wanted to transfer her to her own room for her naps in her cot, as she was not sleeping for longer than 20-30 minutes in her hammock.

Mum had a 3 year old to deal with also, so could not be dealing with Isobelle all day in the hammock, and need a sleep plan which allowed her to do a kindy drop off and pick up, and attend play dates with her 3 yr old.

Isobelle was swaddled and exclusively breastfed.
Mum implemented following changes:

Day 1 in the cot

Isobelle took 3 naps taking 20-30 minutes to settle for each nap, and then napping for 50-90 minutes.

Day 3

Was a classic 3 day regression and Isobelle woke an extra time that night, and was tricky to settle for her second nap of the day and needed to be re-settled in the middle of the nap

Day 5

Isobelle settling easily for 2 out of 3 naps a day and sleeping better from 3am-7am.

Day 7

Mum having success settling Isobelle for 3 naps a day within 15 minutes, and she is sleeping well at night, only waking for a couple of quick feeds and mum is confident she can easily settle Isobelle back to sleep after these feeds.

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