Baby Sleep Experts and Consultants

Baby Sleep Experts and Consultants

Baby Sleep Experts and Consultants

Baby and Toddler Sleep Advice can be confusing.

There is so much baby and toddler sleep advice available online it can be overwhelming and confusing, you might feel like you will never find a solution that both works consistently and doesn’t compromise on your parenting style.

Sleep training doesn’t have to be stressful, it doesn’t have to take weeks of trial and error, and it can often be cheaper than purchasing numerous failed sleep aids.

Using a certified baby sleep consultant has become more popular in recent times especially for parents who feel they have tried everything else, or who value their time and understand a professional sleep consultant will solve their problem faster than reading through screeds of information and trying to decipher the right course of action while sleep deprived and exhausted.

Using a  sleep consultant service is often described as the best money have ever spent. “Why didn’t I do this months ago”is another phrase mums often say to us. We understand it can be a big financial commitment, but the follow up support, the ability to ask us questions as you carry on with your sleep plan means you will be more successful than going it alone, or relying on mob advice dished out in online forums.

Baby Sleep Consultants are industry experts and leaders when it comes to baby sleep advice and sleep support. We have helped over 12,000 parents across NZ, and we now train and certify consultants around the world, to do what we do here in NZ.

We invest in professional development for our consultants regularly. They receive training from international experts in breastfeeding, tongue ties, nutrition, post natal depression, attachment theory, allergies and reflux, and more.

We also ensure all our advice follows the WHO and AAP safe sleep guidelines, we are up to date with scientific research, and we strive to create evidence based sleep advice that works and doesn’t compromise on your parenting style.

You’ll find links below to all our FB pages, and VIP groups where you can ask questions about your baby or toddlers sleep, or watch our Live FB Q&A sessions. Mum’s love our live Facebook Q&A sessions and this gives them the ability to see other parents going through similar struggles, feel less alone and know there is a solution available.

You can also check out our huge blog filled with expert sleep advice written by the original baby sleep experts. Our advice is helping train sleep consultants around the world, you can be assured you are in good hands reading our blog.

Once you have had a read, or watch our live Q&A, if you still need some help, I recommend you look at our one on one sleep packages. These give us the ability to work with you on a more personal level, find out what your family is about and ensure the sleep plan we give you will work, but more importantly not compromise on your parenting style.

There is no point us suggesting VR (verbal reassurance) when you are a gentle parent and would prefer gentle sleep training, and there you won’t be successful if the sleep techniques make you feel uncomfortable.

Baby sleep consultant services really are for some families invaluable. We can provide you with that guidance and confidence you are looking for. We’ll give you a clear plan, follow up support, and be your cheer leader when things get tough.



I was struggling for 15 months to get my daughter to sleep, I had gotten so mentally exhausted until I contacted Holly who gave me the confidence to get this sleep issue sorted without having to do Cry it out. She made it a very relaxed atmosphere for me
Now she is sleeping all night long and only took a few nights for
this to happen. Wish I had done this sooner!
Thanks sooo much
Julia and Duncan
We really want to thank Olivia for the expertise and support she offered us in helping to establish good sleeping habits for our now 10 month old son.
Olivia listened and empathized, offered sound advice, and helped us work out a strategy that enabled Jordan to sleep through the night – something we had not experienced up to this point in time. Olivia gave us a really detailed plan of action, tailored to Jordan’s needs and to we as new parents. She supported us fully through the process, reassuring us, monitoring Jordan’s progress, and providing ongoing feedback.
Olivia was really easy to talk to and trust. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing expert advice, a listening ear, a supportive coach, and a person of a friendly, positive, calm disposition

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