Can you help?

Can you help?

Can you help?

Have you ever thought your baby sleep challenges were beyond resolve?

Perhaps you've wondered if anyone else has dealt with the cards you've dealt with?

Everyday we hear from parents just like you, and they describe to us their story, and then they ask.....can you help?

Usually YES!

After 8 years and over 50,000 clients we're blessed to have experienced so many different cases with all of are some of the more memorable cases you might be wondering about.

Pavlik harness

Pavlick harness's can either cause sleep disturbance when they are attached, or when they come off and baby has new found freedom!

"Working with Samantha when her son's harness came off, we both knew that he has a lot of movement milestones to catch up on when it came to sleep. He was 9 months and hadn't been able to roll over in his sleep, or pull up to crawl, so we had to be very patient as he needed to learn to roll over and self settle all in one consult. After 2 weeks sleep has settled down, and everyone was getting the rest they needed." ~Cara Auckland Sleep Consultant

Serious reflux

Reflux can be a serious condition which can either something your baby grows out of, or is triggered by an allergy. Your baby will be crying after feeds, pulling of the breast or bottle in pain, spilling or not (silent reflux). Medication can help but finding the right balance can be tricky and by the time all of that is sorted, often unfavorable sleep habits have settled in as a habit.

"It took me some time to even admit that she didn’t just have “normal” reflux, and to try Losec to see if we would get some improvement with feeding aversion from that.

We did find that the Losec only made things worse for Carys as she became very windy, but luckily for now we are keeping on top of it all with Gaviscon.

Getting feeding right is such a huge challenge for some Mums, and I admit now I was very hard on myself to try and get it right for Carys, so she could gain weight and be happy.

I wanted to breastfeed her for a year, and it was a hugely difficult challenge for me to overcome not feeding her breastmilk, especially when she did so well on it exclusively from a bottle." ~Sophie 

Read more about Dealing with Reflux first hand

Sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea can be caused by enlarged adenoids or tonsils, these can block your little ones air way when they sleep. This causes babies and toddlers to gasp for air and startle awake. These frequent wake ups are exhausting for both baby and mum, and can result in parents doing a lot of "what ever the heck works" to get baby back to sleep.

Hoping surgery will solve their problems, we often see surgery solve the breathing issue, but parents are left with a lot of sleep associations to correct.

Parents John and Sarah experienced obstructive sleep apnea for years before they got any help with sleep. Neve was booked into star ship at age 2 for corrective surgery and this went surprisingly well.

Home by day 2, and off pain meds by day 10. But 3 weeks down the track and Neve was still waking 2 hourly at night looking to be given bottles or held back to sleep. "These sleep associations were hangovers from her days of waking starting with breathing. Now they were a habit we needed to change," tells Karen, Auckland sleep consultant.


This sounds like an option from the old Georgie pie days, but alas it is much more scary than that! 

FPIES stands for Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome.

FPIES is a non-IgE mediated immune reaction in the gastrointestinal system to one or more specific foods. Often the main culprit is Dairy, a.k.a cow’s milk protein. Babies with an FPIES allergy to cows milk, won’t have the same skin reactions that IgE allergy babies do.

The first baby I helped with FPIES could only eat 5 foods at that stage, I was under strict conditions to avoid dairy before I came over, and needed to ensure I had no contact with pets that day.

Dad had left his job to look after bubs at this stage as daycare was far too dangerous!

Due to the scary violent vomiting, dehydration, and near death experiences dad was bed sharing to be near bubs all night, but her frequent wake ups were taking her toll, so they called me in for an overnight.

We took it slowly, but over 2 weeks we made huge changes and despite the serious conditions everyone was getting more sleep!

A little bit of self settling, a little bit of routine, a little bit of support and everyone sleeping!


Having a baby with allergies, whether its cows milk protein, or nuts or eggs, the road to sleep isn't easy. Their tummies are hurting, they often suffer from low weight gain, sore skin and mum is super worried with all the symptoms. 

Often sleep suffers due to pain and discomfort, but this doesn't have to the be the beginning and end of the sleep journey. 

Gemma tells us....

"It wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t mine.  The line between habit and pain became blurred so I continued to do what I had to do for him to get some sleep and for me to survive and do what I could to minimise his distress and screaming."

Read how we helped her..

Heart conditions

Babies come to us with serious conditions such as heart defects, we evaluate the families  situation, and work with clearance from their doctor or specialist to solve their sleep problems in the most gentle way possible. 

"We decided on no cry sleep training due to Hannah’s heart condition, and mum was the most patient I have ever witnessed!

By night 4 baby Hannah slept through the night, and after 3 days of nap training after her assisted naps, is also a dream to put down for her naps." 

Read baby Hannah's story

We've also helped babies with special needs, deaf babies, toddlers recovering from cancer, and toddlers with traumatic brain injuries, we've helped foster families, and adoptive parents.

All of these experiences make us uniquely qualified to help you and your family too. You don't have to have an extraordinary situation to fit the bill, but know if your baby does fit into any of these situations, sleep wont be lost for ever!

Every family we meet is special and unique to us, and we take all of our joint experience helping all of these amazing families and use this to create sleep plans for families we know you'll be happy to use, and we know will work.

Whether you choose to work with us one on one, or try our online sleep program, we've got you covered, and we're here to help.

Can you help?


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