Kirsty Baby Sleep Consultant Auckland 0221519537

Kirsty Baby Sleep Consultant Auckland 0221519537

Kirsty Baby Sleep Consultant Auckland 0221519537


Auckland based certified infant and child sleep consultant
022- 151- 9537

Being a primary teacher for nearly 20 years then becoming a mother of two young boys, Kirsty has a thorough understanding of how sleep impacts children’s learning and development.

After coming to us for help, Kirsty realised how rewarding it would be to be able to empower sleep-deprived parents with the knowledge and skills to teach their children healthier sleep habits.

She offers empathy and a passion for problem-solving sleep issues to offer a solution that fits with each family’s unique needs. 


"I had the privilege of working with Kirsty when my son was 3 months old. He was taking 1 hr+ to settle at night and would go to sleep around 1030 or 11pm. We had no day time structure or routine.

Being a first time mother, I felt very out of my depth and didn’t know where to begin with sleep training. After taking an in-depth history, Kirsty created a comprehensive plan with gentle sleep training approaches. I felt she was with me every step of the way to provide guidance and reassurance.

After the two weeks were finished, I felt much more confident with settling my son and was able to bring his bedtime to 645 or 7pm. We also had more day nap structure too. I would highly recommend Kirsty to anyone, but especially to first time mothers who are feeling overwhelmed. There is help! Thank you again Kirsty, it has been a pleasure."


"I was exhausted, stressed and feeling like I was only just keeping my head above water managing a 4 yr old, a new baby, a business and a household. I finally booked a consult and I will never regret it. My baby has just gone 6 months, so at the perfect age for sleep training.

My consultant was incredibly patient, understanding and so good at what she does. She supported me every step of the way, I put my trust in here and it worked.

Within 7 days, my baby girl transitioned into her own room, into her big cot, out of her swaddle, off her dummy, onto proper solids and was way way less fazed then i hyped myself up to think she would be. By night 6, she woke only once for a breastfeed.

Prior to sleep training, she would wake and feed anywhere between 4 and 5 times a night. Its incredible!

I suggest if your considering sleep training to have an open mind, put your whole trust in the consultants and it will 100% be the best money you ever spent. You CANNOT put a price on sleep."


"Spoke on the phone just yesterday regarding my girls sleep crying and split nights and I was given the advice to nap more during the day.

We followed the advice and my girl not only had a very small episode of sleep crying which was over as quickly as it began but she also slept through until 5am.

Thank you SO much, that simple phone call helped me and my girl get a much better nights sleep 😄"


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