Meet Andrea, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Andrea, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Andrea, One Of Our Christchurch Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Christchurch
Call 021 124 3272

I am the proud parent of my beautiful daughter ‘Scarlett’, but I have to admit that not every moment of those early days was beautiful…

Unfortunately, I never realised sleep was something a baby needs to be ‘taught’ and like a typical infant, Scarlett started cat napping at six weeks. Day after torturous day I was not getting a break.

Countless books later, nothing felt right for our baby and took into account my feelings. Someone who knew nothing about our situation was telling me to do this or that and it just didn’t make sense.

Eventually I found something that worked for us and I attended a sleep talk held by ‘Baby Sleep Consultant’, who gave me the tailored advice and tools I needed to get Scarlett on the right track, and keep her there as she was growing and developing.

To say I became obsessed with sleep is kind of an understatement. I love knowing we are both well rested so we can tackle the day’s challenges together.

After the success with my own daughter and the improved quality of life for our wee family, I had a growing desire to help others.

I know from my experience how important healthy sleep habits are, not only for your baby but also for the wellbeing of the whole family.

I genuinely enjoy being able to help other mums and dads get more sleep in a non-judgmental and supportive way. Whatever your child’s sleep problem, age or stage, I am here to get you through and out the other side.


“Andrea is a professional, kind and intuitive baby sleep consultant with great communication skills. I really appreciated her advice in the early days of having baby number two. Even though I’d had experience with my first child, there was still a lot for me to learn about teaching my baby to sleep well. Andrea’s support, tips and resources were incredibly valuable and I saw results immediately after trying her techniques. She also gave me sound advice for my toddler, who was annoyingly waking at 5am! I would recommend Andrea to any sleep deprived parent with a baby or toddler.”


“Andrea is absolutely lovely and very easy to talk with. We spent two hours together and she gave me some very good ideas for helping our wee bub Conrad sleep better. Thanks for all your help, it has been greatly appreciated!” 


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