Meet Cherene, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Cherene, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Cherene, One Of Our Local Auckland Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultant, Auckland

Call 021 0200 7636

My name is Cherene Daley and I have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, as well as my full teaching registration and I am a certified baby sleep consultant. I have spent over 8 years in the education sector, and took time out to start a family of my own.

My journey into the world of sleep consultancy began after the birth of my daughter. Over time sleep became a real issue for us both, and after reading countless books and trying many things I decided it was time to seek professional assistance.

After enlisting Emma’s help things began to turn around very quickly. I had forgotten what real sleep was, but after spending time with Emma we worked together to find a solution. I learnt how to teach my daughter invaluable sleep skills, which gave her the chance to get the sleep she needed, and me the sleep I was so desperately craving.

Once I was re-given the gift of sleep it sparked my interest to help other mothers and babies who were struggling. I was fortunate to be able to train under Emma from Baby Sleep Consultant, and have since read a number of books on different sleep theories, as well as work first hand with sleep deprived mothers and babies.
Each baby is a gift and they are all so special and unique. As such, there is no set method that will work with all babies, and as a sleep consultant I am here to help you to understand your baby’s needs and work with you to achieve your goals.

Along with becoming a sleep consultant I also work as a childcare consultant and support families to find the right childcare centre for their children. I have a passion for children and for supporting families in some of the most important aspects of their life; education and sleep.

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a sleep consultant and assisting many more families achieve restorative healthy sleep patterns.


“After dealing with 2 months of frequent night waking I enlisted the help of Cherene as a sleep consultant. It was the best thing I could have done and within two weeks my son was sleeping uninterrupted for 13hrs a night.
Although I knew my sons dummy was a big part of the problem I didn’t have the confidence to wean him off it on my own. She offered great advice and support without pressure and I really felt like I had someone working through the process with me.
My son is now dummy free, sleeping great and happier than ever. Thanks Cherene!” 


“This is such a valuable and priceless service you provide! Thank you for giving us the tools and understanding and support throughout this frustrating and difficult time in our home! ONE WEEK IS ALL IT TOOK! Day 3-4 being the hardest but you (Cherene) persevered with us and just venting via emails and reading your feedback helped us and saved us $$$$ we could/would have spent going down other avenues! Thanks from us!!!!”


“Thank you sooooooo much for all your help. I can’t believe how quickly brody has responded! Life seems so much easier already. He does know how to sleep after all!! 

You are a life saver. I will be recommending you to any of my friends with new babies.”


“Thanks to Cherene we got our nearly 4 month old sleeping through the night after only 10 days. With her support and advice I had the confidence to try settling techniques overnight rather than feeding every time he woke up. He now wakes up well rested, happy and chatty every morning at 7am Tears well up as I write this as I was struggling with post natal depression (mostly due to sleep deprivation) and being able to get a consistent full nights sleep has pulled me out of it so I can’t say thank you enough!!”


“Really amazingly well! He’s improved so much after just a week, from waking SO much overnight to just once, and settled really well into a decent daytime nap schedule, I’m so happy with how it’s gone I never thought we would have come so far so quickly! Thank you so much!” 


“Thanks so much you have been wonderful. I never would have imagined how well this has gone! He has just gone to bed and played with his toys without crying and fell asleep all on his own. Its a new thing for him now not to cry himself to sleep! Cant believe it!”


“Thank you for calling me today it came at the exact right time where I was doubting his day sleeps. I will keep these up – it was the last part of the puzzle needed.

What a awesome experience. I owe it to you!

Ill let you know how I get on and I will also pass on your name to everyone! Im so glad to not have this big confusing problem anymore.” 


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