Meet Emma Prescott - Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Emma Prescott - Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant

Meet Emma Prescott - Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant

Hello, my name is Emma and I’m a certified infant and child sleep consultant alongside being an early childhood teacher, holding a bachelor of teaching and full registration for the past 13 years. So, it’s fair to say I have a passion for young children, their growth, development and learning.

I’m a mother to 3 delightful boys, Brooklyn (2004), William (2013) and Hudson (2018) who tend to keep me pretty busy but they have also encouraged me to seek more and continue to grow. This is where my passion for infant and childhood sleep has come from, experiencing frequent sleep concerns and issues with my younger two sons I was curious to find out more.

Sleep consultancy to me is an opportunity to support families in a very vulnerable but precious time in their life, equipping them with strategies to help make the days a little bit brighter so they can truly enjoy and appreciate the journey.

Relationships lay the foundation of my work; I work in collaboration with parents as they are the experts of their child/children. I value and respect early childhood development and take this into account in all that I do. The children and their families are at the heart of my practice which is why I value each consultation as a learning opportunity and strive to reflect and grow.

I view each child as capable and an individual so place emphasis on this within my assessments and support to families. It is essential for a baby’s mental and physical development that they get enough sleep; without it they will not thrive as well as they could and parents aren’t able to parent the way they aspire to.

I seek to work with parents and families who are facing challenges but are ready to commit and make change while being supported to drive the direction in this exciting journey.

In my spare time (if there is any) I’m a committed group fitness participant, enjoying my daily 5am workout sessions. I’m happiest outside with my family, being in nature often for walks and various playground visits not to mention a decent café for a strong coffee.

I look forward to supporting you and your family through your journey to better sleep.


"Our little ones sleep has improved a lot and she is much easier to settle to sleep. We have managed to support her in consistently sleeping through the night. I have learnt a lot through the process and always felt that my questions were answered promptly, in detail and very thorough. Possible solutions were always given with options, we really were the drivers of our journey."


"I'm really happy with the outcome for us not only sleep wise but also just having a good routine to follow. I found the experience really helpful, I was surprised at how quickly we achieved longer stretches of sleep. I really appreciated all of the encouragement along the way and the support Emma gave, allowing me to do what I felt was right. I was thankful that Emma was interested to hear what suited us and at no time did I feel pressured that we should be doing something different."


"Emma, you champion! We have achieved sleeping through the night with only one milk feed and day naps have completely switched while consolidating. Life has dramatically changed. Many, many thanks for your knowledge, help and support."


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