Meet Sam, One of our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Sam, One of our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Meet Sam, One of our Manawatu Based Baby Sleep Consultants

Consultant for Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd,
Call  022 122 6162


Hi, I’m Sam, Mum of two little boys. Before having kids I always thought babies just slept with ease. After having my first, I quickly realised this was not the case.

For the first 4 months of motherhood I fed my boy to sleep which worked for me at the time. But after returning from a 2 month trip to Europe I was exhausted and needed some decent sleep ( preferably longer than 2 hours). I booked a home consultation and it honestly changed my life. Having the knowledge and support from my consultant gave me the confidence to change our sleep habits. My son went from 6 plus wakes a night to sleeping though in a week! 

It was from there that my passion for all things sleep was born. My son sleeping through the night not only meant he was well rested and happy but it also meant I had the energy to really engage with and enjoy him.  

There are so many books, videos and opinions when it comes to sleep that it can become overwhelming very fast. But I truly believe having that one on one tailored support makes all the difference. Every baby is different so tailoring a sleep plan specific to them just makes sense. 


Sam saved our sleep! We are so thankful for the incredible guidance Sam provided as we navigated the sleep issues we were having. Her advice was always tailored to our parenting style, practical and achievable. We always felt listened to and supported, and it wasn't long before the interrupted, sleepless nights were behind us"

Maggie - 10 Months

Thank you for everything!! It really has made a difference for me, giving Luca and I a good routine. I had no idea how much sleep was needed prior to working with you and was so lost!

Luca - 7 Weeks

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