Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep

The AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) produced this graphic to represent the overlap of circumstances which lead to the biggest risk of cot death/SIDS.

A Vulnerable infant is one with a dysfunctional and or immature cardiorespiratory or arousal system. They don’t have the same level of protective response to their airway being obstructed or compromised.

An outside stressor is something like stomach sleeping, too many blankets or lose blankets, or the airway being obstructed by a pillow or duvet or another adult. Further outside stressors can be a parent who smokes around their baby or while pregnant, or who drinks alcohol or who does illegal drugs while bed sharing.

The critical development period is from birth to 6 months.

safe sleep model

 When these  3 things all occur at the same time an infant is at the highest risk of SIDS.


  • Sleep your baby on their back.
  • Sleep them in their own space
  • Room share for the first 6 months
  • No lose blankets or duvets
  • Don’t over heat your baby
  • Breastfeed if possible
  • Don’t smoke around your baby
  • If you bed share please speak with your well child provider about how you can do this safely.

The main picture featured on this website is art and does in no way represent safe sleep, baby is wearing a hat and snoozing naked on a fluffy rug. All art – this does not align with any safe sleep practices which we encourage.

We understand you too will probably view this picture as art. Please speak to your well child provider for more safe sleep tips and information

We look forward to joining you all in celebrating safe sleep day again this year!

Emma Purdue

Emma is the owner and founder of Baby Sleep Consultant, she is a certified infant and child sleep consultant, Happiest Baby on the block educator, has a Bachelor of Science, and Diploma in Education. Emma is a mother to 3 children, and loves writing when she isn't working with tired clients and cheering on her team helping thousands of mums just like you.


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