School Holiday Survival

School Holiday Survival

School Holiday Survival

5 top tips for surviving the school holidays and having fun!

1. Make a plan

Don’t go into the school holidays blind, sit down with your children and make a plan (a flexible plan its holidays after all!). Having a plan each day will mean there is less time for fights and boredom moaning, if you have little babies who still need naps, this planning allows you to fit in naps too and ensure our routine doesn’t fly out the window.

Let the children pick an outing they want to go on, a friend they want to invite over, look at the weather for the week and plan trips to the zoo, make play date invitations and decorate your holiday plan/to do list.

That’s day one sorted already!

2. Make cloud play dough

You will need

– Corn flour

-Cheap conditioner

Add 2 parts corn flour to every 1 part conditioner, mix with a few drops of colour to get the right consistency.

This is the softest nicest smelling play dough, your children will love it!

3. Make Ferry houses/ Homes for small boys match box cars!

Save your yoghurt containers, washing liquid containers, and milk containers. Decorate them with paint and stickers and cut our doors and windows. I am certain little boys will be able to convert this idea to make match box car houses too.

4. Plan a disco day or Shopping day

When you make your plan with the children, book in a disco or a shopping day. You can close your curtains and set up your lounge as a disco! Use the disco day to plan a play list, create snacks like decorated biscuits (things which are time consuming!), build a snack station on the day, and get dressed up with the kids. Let them make tickets and have turns being the DJ, and dance the afternoon away!

Or create a mini shopping centre in your lounge, use your mini table and chairs, your play kitchen and anything else to create a till, or a food court, encourage the children to have turns being the check out operator, or the chef in the food court. Cook up some yummy treats for lunch for the food court to serve.

5. Scope out some awesome play grounds or bike parks

The good thing about school being out is usually the school play grounds are readily accessible and free to use! Some schools have great play grounds, often huge sand pits, and everyone knows anyone’s sandpit is better than the one you have at home!

Bike parks can be found in most area’s too, jump online during your planning day and make a list of playgrounds and parks to check out. Planning these physical activities will ensure everyone sleeps well in the evening too!

With the warmer lighter evenings why not plan a picnic dinner and go to your local park late in the day for a plan and dinner!

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