We've helped over 100,000 parents and their babies sleep better

Our team was the first to offer sleep consulting for babies. Many have tried to emulate our service over the years, but there are clear reasons why we remain leaders in our field. Read on to learn why our baby sleep solutions are the best in the industry.

The science of paediatric sleep has been our business for over a decade. Our solutions are unique because they focus on evidence-based techniques, taking into account sleep research as it is published. To create our plans we draw on a wide body of research. The best techniques are selected, tested, and recommended once they are proven to work.

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Whatever sleep issues you're grappling with, from minor frustrations through to full on sleep deprivation, our purpose is to support you through this. We have built our reputation on helping 100,000+ parents overcome every type of sleep challenge. It would be our pleasure to assist you as well.

About Our Founder

Educator, Mentor and International Sleep Expert

Emma Purdue is widely considered an international expert on sleep. Emma founded baby sleep consultants back in 2012. More than 100,000 babies and their parents in New Zealand and Australia have gained better sleep thanks to Emma's guidance. She is now training sleep consultants in 29 other countries! In addition to having a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Emma is a qualified teacher and a mother of three children.

Emma has written for Little Treasures and MumPlus, Multiple Birth Club magazines, and many other parenting publications. In addition to being featured in the Herald, Sunday Star Times, and Stuff, she has won several business awards. Her expertise has been featured on a leading current affairs show. Emma personally mentors all Baby Sleep Consultants.

“People assume I love babies and I do, but my passion is the mothers and knowing how much poor sleep impacts mental health. Parenting doesn’t have to be this hard. Being sleep deprived does not earn you any medals. Sleep is not selfish, not a luxury, but a biological necessity! It’s not unreasonable to expect your baby to sleep well. Our role at Baby Sleep Consultants is to help you achieve exactly that”.