Dummies and Sleep Stages and Phases

When your baby takes a dummy to sleep, you’ll either love it or loathe it. They can be an amazing settling tool, or drive you crazy falling out constantly.

Why Dummies work and don’t work

  • Dummies trigger your babies calming reflex.
  • They lower the risk of SIDS for newborns.
  • They can be a relief for reflux babies.
  • Dummies help with winding.
  • Dummies keep your baby in a light sleep.
  • They can become a negative sleep association if we don’t teach your baby to use it themselves.

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Why does the dummy become an issue?

When your baby goes to sleep with a certain set of conditions such as sucking on a dummy, they require this same set of conditions when they move from a deep sleep to a light sleep or even awake in order to go back to sleep. This cycle of waking and sleeping occurs frequently, and as parents we can then end up doing multiple dummy runs each night or nap.

Dummies can become a problem when….

  • Baby is over tired from poor day naps.
  • Baby is over feeding and this creates gas and un-settledness
  • The dummy falls out frequently and parents have to replace
  • Baby is dependent on the dummy, and it falls out
  • Baby is using the dummy and skipping feeds
  • Baby is cat napping due to dummy falling out
  • They’ve outgrown their newborn dummy.
  • Dummy is being replaced by you every few hours.
  • Dummy is causing short sleeps and building sleep debt.
  • Baby can learn to replace their own dummy, but hasn’t.

FREE Dummies and Sleep Stages and Phases Guide