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I hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and am the mother to two fantastic older children. As well as my own experience raising my children I have an extensive history of working with preschoolers; most recently with babies in an ECE centre.

The experiences of my own as well as the families I have worked with over the years have given me such a great foundation to now specialise in sleep and helping families get more of it! I believe that it is so important to get good quality sleep, helping our immune systems stay strong, supporting brain and physical development and allowing our bodies to rest and recover from the day as well as prepare for the next one.

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You have honestly been incredible on this journey and I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you for your help and for helping us to gain our sleep and sanity back. Parker is amazing with his sleep now we can't believe it, we put him down and he put his head down straight away and goes to sleep!