Meet Libby

Hi! Im Libby, originally from Nz but residing in Melbourne for the past 11 years, I have worked with babies and children in many capacities for most of my life and absolutely love what I do.

I started out as a young nanny who travelled the world with families raising their babies and toddlers along the way and now am a Certified Maternity Practitioner, Baby Sleep Consultant and also have a Certificate in Infant Nutrition. Helping families who are struggling with sleep is my passion and it’s so rewarding to see how much of as positive impact we can have on these families.

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We have Libby to thank for our perfectly sleeping baby and could not recommend her more highly. From our very first dealings with Libby we have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and caring. She has always had the answers to our relentless questions and has taught us so much about babies and their sleep. She has a very kind and gentle nature (both in dealing with babies and their tired parents!) and is always happy to help. We encourage any new parent who is struggling with sleep to give Libby a call - She will change your life!

Steph and baby Hugo, 5 months.

My 6 month old co slept with me since day one. She would wake every 40 minutes at night and was such a grumpy overtired baby that had little energy for play. With the help of Libby, my daughter is now sleeping through the night. I noticed a huge change after only one visit from Libby. When I put her down in her cot she is so happy and relaxed, she is able to put herself to sleep and doesn't rely on me to rock her anymore. Both my husband and I are so thankful for Libby's help as she has made such a big difference to not only my daughters wellbeing but the wellbeing of the whole family!

Hayley and baby Adelyn, 6 months.

Libby is the baby whisperer! We are so grateful to have had her help us with her clear and easy approach to babies sleep. Libby puts a strong emphasis on the individual babies needs rather than a cookie cutter routine for all.

Her knowledge and quick adaptability to each situation gave us so much confidence not only to trust her opinion but follow her direction.

Thank you Libby!