Meet Megan

After more than 20 years of working with children in school holiday programmes, nannying and as a primary school teacher, I thought I was pretty well prepared for the journey into motherhood.

Turns out, there are many parts of it that don’t just happen automatically and infant sleep was one of them! After receiving amazing advice and guidance from a sleep consultant when my twins were 3 months old, I knew that I wanted to be able to offer the same life changing support to other families with infants and young children.

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Megan is a lifesaver!!!! We first started sleep training for our 6mo ourselves. It didn’t go well, we had no idea why. When we were debating whether to continue or throw in the towel, we reached out to Megan, and our life changed since! She is always so encouraging and patient. Not only did she give us detailed advice on what to do but also explained why. She also provided us a solid contingent plan, which is equally important and helpful as plan A. She checked in frequently with us, answering all our questions in great detail. Her response was fast and timely. And above all, she really really cares!!! It made a huge difference when you have such a great guide and cheerleader backing you up, while dealing with all the cries and stress. Now our 6mo is sleeping on his own , a huge game changer! We finally got a big chunk of life back, thanks to Megan!