Meet Sophie

Sophie is a Mum of two with a strong passion for teaching babies and giving parents back the gift of sleep.

She developed this passion when she hired a sleep consultant for her first child. Having been through the process before, she is empathetic, caring and committed to helping you achieve your customised goals with a plan that is unique to you.

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Sophie is amazing, she helped me to set up a routine that worked for my family and helped me to get my daughter sleeping by herself, not on me. Now she sleeps in longer than my older son! Thanks Sophie!

Mum of 4 m girl

My son learnt to sleep in his own cot. He weaned off the dummy! All naps fell into place and overnights became easier to manage thanks to Sophie.

Mum of 6 m boy

His behaviour is much better at bedtime and our bedtimes have become joyful again!! Thank you so much for helping us get to this! It’s made so much difference to both of our moods and we are both much happier at bedtimes and in the mornings now. You and your advice and support have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

Mum of 9 m boy

Highly recommend Sophie! We were so impressed and surprised at how quickly the plan she advised and the changes we made worked for our 15 month old daughter . She went from waking several times a night, sleeping in our bed and having minimal naps to self settling, sleeping through the night and having beautiful long naps in a matter of 2 weeks ! We are so thankful and grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you Sophie thanks again, you have helped us as parents to have some alone time again to recharge and be happier parents.

Mum of girl 14 m

Our baby has completely changed his routine day and night and it is so much easier. He only takes 15mins to get to sleep, the sush-pat method is an absolute sanity/life saver and so easy to do… …you are an angel!

Mum of 8 week old

We had an awesome week of sleep.. ….He is sleeping in his cot, in his own room and self-settling day and night. He’s sleeping 7-7ish with 2 feeds overnight that are really quick. Completely different kid!