Meet Vera

Hi, my name is Vera.
I am a trained Social Worker with nearly 20 years of work experience, having had the privilege of being allowed to support families throughout various challenging times in their lives.

After my son was born I experienced first hand how important a decent night sleep is, to be well rested enough to navigate the challenges of parenthood.

During months of sleep deprivation I learned , that professional support can be exactly what is needed, to get those precious hours of sleep: for you as the parent & for your child.

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So following my daughter’s birth I decided on a change of career and studied to become a Certified Sleep Consultant, which is a profession I am truly passionate about!

My approach is holistic, individual, judgement free & based on science, while making sure to extend my knowledge continuously further, based on the newest research available.

With my professional background on giving not only practical, but even more emotional support to families from all walks of life & my passion to make parents feel confident about their individual parenting choices, I am ready to walk beside you on this journey towards more rested sleep!

Thank you to Vera for supporting me through sleep training my little 7 month old monkey!

Before I was put in touch with Vera my girl was waking multiple times a night and would only fall asleep and nap on me.

We went from that to sleeping in her cot, in her own room, falling asleep on her own and sleeping through the night in a matter of days. I couldn't believe it!

Vera was very attentive and listened to my concerns and anxieties and tailored the plan around our lifestyle. She also helped us with some tips for our 2.5yo.

Would highly recommend Vera to anyone and everyone! Thank you for getting my bed and my sleep back

Hannah (7 months old bubs)

Vera has helped us with our baby girl twice and changed our lives! She helped us create healthy sleep habits and a basic routine for Lily when she was 6 weeks (4 weeks sleep corrected) and with self settling and better napping & night sleeping at 4.5 months during the 4 month sleep re/progression (when she was old enough for sleep training). We went from patting Lily to sleep for ages (up to 2 hours in the evening) and lunch nap typically on us to settling on her own for all sleeps. We didn’t expect it to last but this has continued on and Lily is now 10 months old. Vera also provided us with follow up notes and gave us the confidence to extend awake times, drop the afternoon nap and get onto a 2.5/3/4 routine all on our own. Vera is professional, incredibly caring and understanding. She was available to answer all of our (many) questions and provided additional information where this would help us. Vera was respectful of our thoughts and what we were comfortable with and never pushy. She is passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend her. Thanks for all your help Vera!