Meet Wendy

A mum of two young girls, Wendy our Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant, learnt very quickly the benefits of a well-rested family early on and so began her interest and passion for learning about infant and toddler sleep.

A certified infant and child sleep consultant, alongside working as a Physiotherapist, Wendy is our Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant who has the problem-solving skills to solve all your sleep concerns and get your little one sleeping well to optimise their growth and development

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Wendy completely changed our lives in under 2 weeks! Wendy supported us and 7 month old Cooper to establish a routine that suited our family and his needs. Cooper went from taking 40+ minutes to settle for every nap to falling asleep within minutes every time. I couldn’t believe the progress in such a short period for time.

She helped build my confidence back up in knowing what Cooper needed and how as a mother I could support him. Wendy provided support throughout the whole process and was there whenever we needed her. I would highly recommend Wendy and if you are on the fence about getting a sleep consultant…do it! You won’t regret it one bit!


Highly recommend Wendy – she is a working Mum herself, so very relatable. Wendy took the time to get to know our personal situation and made sure this was the focus when writing up her plan.

We have 3 kids and have avoided using a sleep consultant in the past…wish we had been more open and discovered Wendy earlier! She had our youngest sleeping through the night withing days (with previous multiple wake ups all over the show, often up to 3 hours at a time).

Literally just a couple of tweaks Wendy suggested made all the difference. Very thankful!


I would HIGHLY recommend Wendy! (Christchurch Baby Sleep Consultant) She has helped our baby go from exclusively napping in our arms and waking up 4 or 5 times a night, to napping (happily) in his cot and sleeping for solid stretches at night! As a Mum on maternity leave, I was exhausted from his cat naps and frequent night time wake ups, and my husband was going to work feeling like he hadn’t slept at all. She’s changed all of our sleeping habits and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

She is available for any concerns or questions, and made sure that any issues I raised were addressed. Her plan was clear, concise, and highly informative about what she was recommending and why. Wendy’s plan and approach was so gentle, that implementing it was easy and it never felt like our baby was unhappy – there was no “crying it out” involved and he can now re-settle himself back to sleep without our help.  She’s helped us be better parents because we understand his needs and we’re getting refreshing sleep too.