Nap time can be hard work

Having regular consistent naps is the cornerstone of healthy sleep habits, yet for something so imperative, our babies seem to struggle a lot to take good quality naps.

Benefits of longer more consistent naps

  • Longer more consistent naps are more restorative.
  • Better naps, means happier baby, and easier more predictable days.
  • Freedom to leave knowing your baby will nap for anyone.
  • Easier settling at nap time = more confident parents.
  • Better naps, can mean better night sleep too!
  • Get on top of sleep debt impacting your child’s temperament.
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Why is your Baby not napping well?

Some people misunderstand naps, and think a baby who takes a 2 hour nap, sleeps soundly for 2 hours. But the truth is every baby wakes after 30-45 minutes, and needs to either be put back to sleep by a parent, gets up and nap time is over, or can re-settle themselves back to sleep and takes a longer more restorative sleep.

Naps fall apart for so many reasons…

  • Baby can’t self settle, or re-settle.
  • Baby is undertired at nap time, so they cat nap.
  • Baby is over tired, this too causes cat naps.
  • Sleep environment doesn’t encourage sleep.
  • Nap timing doesn’t suit babies age or stage.
  • Lack of routine is leaving your baby struggling to understand what each day is about.
  • Feeding too close to a nap, can mean digestion disrupts sleep.
  • Structure of sleep can affect subsequent naps.
  • Sleep regressions and developmental stages such as crawling, standing, rolling and more…

Download My Free Nap Sleep Cheat Sheet