7 Days to Longer Naps Guide

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Putting your baby down awake, and teaching them to self settle, is the corner stone of longer naps. Combined with teaching how to re-settle, and some fundamental understandings around sleep pressures, teaching times, and routine is what is needed to over come habitual short naps. Learn all this in the 7 days to longer naps guide.

After helping over 100,00 parents just like you, I decided to turn my in person approach to longer naps into a simple to follow guide for you to use at home.

Don't be fooled by the small price, this guide is bursting with value, and will see you through from short 30/45 minute naps to longer naps and happier baby.

Find out EXACTLY how to teach your baby to settle indepent of any sleep associations holding them back from taking longer naps.

Put baby down awake for their naps
  • Understand your babies sleep cycle
  • Discover the foundations of a successful sleep routine
  • Learn HOW to teach your baby to re-settle
  • Teach your baby to take longer naps
  • Say good bye to short naps and a grumpy baby
  • Understand how much sleep your baby needs
  • Stagger your approach to make life easier
  • No CIO needed
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Our sleep programs are designed to give you gentle options around settling that suit your child’s sleep temperament and your parenting style.

100,000 parents rely on our sleep research and years of experience to help them and their families sleep better

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Our online program will give you plans to teach you baby to sleep through the night, with both gentle and mainstream PROVEN strategies.

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Baby Sleep Consultants are here to help you and your baby get the sleep you deserve.


Hi! I am Emma Purdue

Certified Sleep Consultant

“Cara from Baby Sleep Consultant was SUCH a welcomed relief to our sleep problems. We used gentle hands off sleep training to assist our 4 month old to self settle - within a week he was going down without much if any crying! Cara was calm, gentle and reassuring - I would definitely recommend getting in touch if you’re struggling with sleep.”

Hannah – May 2022–