Formula Feeding Master Class

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Formula feeding is still treated like a taboo topic... information is scarce, confusing, driven by profit, and not available to all.

At The Baby Sleep Consultants, we take a scientific approach to helping parents make informed decisions about their baby's diet. We provide accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of formula feeding, from choosing a formula to preparing it safely. We also offer support and guidance through every step of the process, from deciding whether to formula feed to transitioning to stage 2 or 3 formulas.

I still remember the day I made the decision to switch to formula feeding. I was recovering from breast abscess surgery, had a 6 week old newborn baby, and breastfeeding had been a nightmare. I decided to make the switch, but was so confused!

Attending the Massey University symposium on infant nutrition and formula, gave me further insights into what the experts know and understand. I set to work to research from a true scientific perspective everything infant formula!

I've combined all of this into a 2 part serious on formula feeding. You get life time access to both videos for just $37.00. This is literally EVERYTHING you need to know, whether you are just starting with formula feeding, or you are already formula feeding but are confused about what the steps are, or which formula to choose.

When you look at these lists its no wonder us mums feel completely overwhelmed and thrown in the deep end when it comes to formula feeding. There is no guilt or doubt in these video's, just easy to understand scientific explanations of everything you need to know to successfully formula feed your baby.

Happy watching!

Part One
  • The what, why and who of formula feeding
  • The decision to formula feed
  • How to safely prepare formula
  • Precise instructions for safe storage
  • Understand the issues with bacteria and formula prep
  • Skin on skin formula feeding
  • What is pace feeding?
  • How to safely store formula
  • How to calculate how much YOUR baby needs to drink. It's not what the formula tin tells you!
  • Temperature and heating formula
  • Can I microwave formula?
  • How to sterilise, for how long, and do I have to?
  • Do i have to transition to stage 2-3 formula?
  • How to know when to move up a teat size?
  • Is goats milk closer to breast milk?
Part Two
  • A scientific look into the ingredients of infant formula
  • Pre biotics, Pro biotics, gut micro biota explanation
  • Which pre biotics are in formula
  • Which pro biotics are in formula? Can you add them?
  • Which probiotics help with asthma, eczema, and colic?
  • The 29 compulsory ingredients in your babies formula
  • Whey vs Casein, which is best for your baby?
  • Which formulas are whey based, vs casein based
  • Soy based formula
  • Carbohydrates in formula - lactose
  • Alternative carbohydrates added to formulas - which to choose?
  • Fat options in formula, and which fats can make your baby fussy and gassy. Palm oil, coconut oil, DHA, ARA, which is best for prem babies?
  • What about the minor micro nutrients? The last 2%
  • Iron and nucleotides, what are these and does your baby need lower iron formula?
  • Special formulas - reflux formulas
  • Colic and gassy baby formulas
  • Gold formula, what are these and are they worth the $$
  • What is hydrolyzed formula, and amino acid formula, understand the molecular structure of these formulas, and how they help?
  • Prescription only formulas
  • Summary when choosing formula
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