Self Setting Course for 4-12 month olds

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  • Teaching your baby to self-settle is the solution to removing unwanted sleep associations, lengthening naps, creating long nights, and making bedtime easy.
  • Every sleep plan we write has instructions for working on self-settling; this is the fundamental change behind better sleep.
  • Stop feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, contact napping, and more.

What's included

  • Comprehensive master class session with Emma - owner and founder of baby sleep consultant.
  • Self-settling case studies e-book. Learn from our sleep plans.
  • Working through illness and sleep regressions workbook.
  • Detailed nap routines for 4-12 month olds.
  • Common problems and solutions during the self-settling process e-guide.
  • Video series on all self-settling approaches.
  • $207 value - just $65 for the month of May ONLY!
    You will learn
    • How to understand your childs sleep temperament
    • Which self settling approach will work with your baby and your parenting style.
    • How to implement the self settling approach you choose.
    • How to create longer naps, longer nights and easier bed times with self settling.
    • How to move on from things like rocking, holding and feeding to sleep, and create life long healthy sleep habits.
    • Learn to navigate sleep regressions and illness's while not giving up on self settling.
    • Have a guide on all the most common problems and the solutions we use with our clients.
    • Read our sleep plans in our case studies e-guide and apply the solutions to your own situation.
    • Create healthy nap routines that support night sleep and self settling.
    • Gain confidence as you hear from myself and my team inside the video series.
    Maximum Value
    • Self settling master class $49.00
    • Comprehensive nap routines 4-12 months $27.00
    • Self settling case studies e-book. $49.00
    • Road blocks and solutions workbook $47.00
    • Navigating self settling through illness and sleep regressions $29.00
    • Self settling video bundle $49.00
    • Total value - $207 This month just $65 as a Mothers day special.
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    Imagine the freedom of having a baby who Self Settles.

    Freedom is what teaching self settling gives you. The freedom of knowing at nap time your baby WILL sleep, at bed time they WILL sleep, and through the night they WILL sleep.

    This means you can...

    •Sleep when your baby sleeps. • Exercise • Work a paid job • Get house work done • Leave the house! •Scroll Instagram

    Self Settling is the corner stone to good sleep.

    If your baby is dependent on you and a parent led sleep association to get to sleep or back to sleep, teaching self settling will change your baby's sleep for ever.

  • Set up consistent routines with our routine guide.
  • Beat illness and sleep regressions when they arrive.
  • Ditch night wakes and feeds, teach sleeping through.
  • Come back to the video library for assistance.
  • Use case studies to find a sleep plan like yours.
  • Trouble shoot with our workbooks.
  • Finally achieve your sleep goals at your own pace.

  • ★★★★★

    “I knew I needed to move on from my sons dummy. I was up feeding and replacing a dummy every 2 hours every night. This course taught me how to do that in just 5 days. I've sinced used the routines, and the problem solving guide. I look forward to using the sleep regressions strategies in the months to come!"

    Hannah – May 2024–