2 year sleep regression

2 year sleep regression

2 year sleep regression

6 months fly by and you've survived the 18 month sleep regression, your back to sleeping all night, then suddenly you have a 2 year old!

Welcome to the 2 year sleep regression.

Symptoms of the 2 year sleep regression include your toddler completely skipping there nap, and wanting you to stay in their room while they fall asleep.

2 year olds can take up to 40 minutes to fall asleep, and while 100% normal, this is very frustrating for busy tired parents at bed time.


Survival tips for the 2 year sleep regression

  • A common mistake is for parents of 2 year olds to quickly drop their nap when they start to protest the nap. Most 2 year olds still need a good 1-2 hour nap in the day. Without this day sleep, we see lack of emotional regulation, and the terrible twos tantrums begin.
  • Most toddlers will drop there nap between 2.5 and 3 years.
  • Understand the nap strikes are normal and are not a sign your toddler is ready for no naps.
  • Separation anxiety can be dealt with sensitivity without having to stay all night with your toddler. 
  • Try pop outs, emotion cards or children's sleep meditation, these are all explained in our toddler sleep program.
  • Extend your toddlers awake time by 30 minutes, and ensure your toddler is physically tired every evening by allowing plenty of outside physical play each day. 

These tips should help you and your family survive both the 18 month sleep regression and the 2 year sleep regression.

If you need more practical strategies, sleep plans, self settling approaches or nap plans, check out the online sleep program for toddlers.

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