We are so grateful to have the privilege of helping you with your children’s seep, we thought you might be thinking, oh my problem is too small, or too big to get help.

So I thought we would show you just a few of the cases we dealt with this week alone!

  • 4 year old who can’t sleep easily
  • 18 month old with a feeding tube and multiple issues learning to self soothe
  • A 10 week old who is hooked on being rocked to sleep since the roto-virus vaccine
  • A 10 month old who has only ever slept in her push chair
  • A 10 month old boy who has been fed to sleep since he was 4 months old
  • A 6 month old who’s mum starts work very soon and needs to learn to self soothe
  • A 6 month old ditching his dummy to sleep through the night
  • A 7 month old who has never napped for more than 15 minutes
  • A 7 month old boy who is a cat napper who is only sleeping for 45 minutes during the day.
  •  A two year old that enjoyed mum and dad in the same room over the holidays so much that he will no longer settle on his own.
  • An 8 month old who needed his nap schedule adjusted to stop a 5am wake up.
  • A 12 month old with separation anxiety who has stopped sleeping through the night, is now sleeping through.
  • A 2 month old who needed to be shown how to have a nap, and sleep past 4am.
  • A 2 year old who jumps out of her big bed all night long!
  • A 4 month old who is waking every 2 hours over night to be rocked back to sleep.
  • 5 month old twins who are eating too much solid food and not enough milk, and thus are not sleeping well.
  • A mum with severe PND who also has a 14 month old who wakes at 5am and won’t sleep until 9pm at night.