Cat nap – 7 things no one tells you about cat naps

Cat nap – 7 things no one tells you about cat naps

Cat nap – 7 things no one tells you about cat naps

If your baby is taking short cat naps (45 minutes) you have probably spent a long time googling this problem.

I’m not here to tell you the short naps aren’t an issue, and this is just a phase that will pass....

I've worked with to many parents of 9, 10, 12 month olds still cat napping, who were told this will pass.... It didn't pass, and what was a short term sleep pattern became a deep rooted sleep pattern, and one which is incredibly tricky to solve at that late stage.

I want instead to teach you 7 things you probably didn’t know about these annoying little naps, and let you decide for yourself if you want more regular predictable and longer naps, or if you are happy with the status quo!

1. Cat naps are usually a 45 minute cycle from asleep to awake.

If your baby is doing a cycle shorter than this, such as 20 minutes to 30 minutes, its not that you baby has a shorter sleep cycle than most, or that they simply need less sleep.

They just aren’t quite completing their sleep cycle.

Your first goal would be to work on 45 minute naps before even worrying about linking sleep cycles together.

2. Your friends baby who sleeps for 2 hours at midday every day still wakes after 45 minutes.

All babies wake after a sleep cycle! Some just quietly roll over, or just glance around the room and drift back off to sleep. Your baby is not abnormal or broken!

3. Most children start to “cat nap” between 4-8 weeks old, this is simply the time where their sleep cycles mature and become apparent.

It also co-indices with maternal melatonin wearing off and your baby begins to “wake up”, and they might appear harder to settle to sleep.

4. If you are struggling with settling or struggling with self soothing, then this is the place to start.

Before even worrying about your short naps, work on self soothing first!

A baby who at 8 months relies on a prop to fall asleep, cannot be expected to go back to sleep on their own after a sleep cycle without that prop.

So the logical first step is self soothing at the start of the nap, then we can begin to expect re-soothing.

5. I have been where you are!

I'm certified in all this sleep stuff, and I struggled with cat napping!

My babies all woke after their 45 minute cycles, it drove me crazy!

I felt like I had just sat down to lunch, or some house work, or a good catch up on Netflix, and BANG! Awake and crying!

I worked for what felt like for ever (actually just a week or so), to improve their nap routines and re-soothing skills. Hard work, but the 2 hour nap each day at midday for the next 2 years was worth it!

6. Routine matters.

As much as I would love to say after 4 months you can just wing it.

You can’t if cat naps are driving you around the bend.

Our bodies have times they like to take long naps and times they don’t!

This is to do with our circadian rhythm and I would be doing you a disservice if I ever encouraged you to try and aim for a big nap after 3pm.

That’s just not going to happen!

Establishing a routine which is both flexible, achievable, but suits your baby’s circadian rhythm is one of the key parts of setting yourself up for a decent day of naps.

7. Are you ready for a solution?

Ready to say good bye to cat naps for ever?

It took me 13 years of parenting, and 50,000 clients, but I now have the experience and ability to formulate a plan for every baby I meet, I have done this in my cat napping master class.

The cat naping master class contains my plans and strategies for teaching your baby to no longer cat nap!

For just $37 you will get access to my master class, a one hour master class and  A 4 step by step plan's to choose from to teach your baby to nap like …. a baby!

Longer day naps, usually mean better night sleep! So what have you got to loose!

  • You don’t have to keep googling and wondering when will my baby take longer naps……..

  • Receive your cat napping plan and have confidence in your babies napping ability!

  • Enjoy your quiet time, and your babies happy mood as their naps improve!

  • Follow the straight forward steps each day to ensure success as your plan is implemented. 

  • Pay with credit card at the check out.

Rave reviews for our online sleep program

“This sleep guide has, quite literally, changed my life! My baby is no longer catnapping for 30 min a day but sleeping for 2 hours straight. He no longer taking up to2-3 hours to fall asleep being rocked in my arms, but self soothes in only a few minutes. I have my evenings free for the first time ever and boy have I binged watched some serious Netflix!!

I cannot recommend highly enough!!!

Thank you SO much guys for giving me a happy, well rested baby and me my life back!! I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say life changing” ~ Nat - Brisbane

You have changed our lives. Before we started with your online program we were nursing to sleep, we had frequent night wakings, naps in the cot were not happening and a 2 hour nap only seemed to occur when we co-slept. Day 2 into our new routine and our 5 month old was self soothing, a few days later he was doing the 2 hour lunch time nap, a week later he is self-soothing for most sleeps and we even got an 8 hour stretch overnight. I can highly recommend, I no longer feel like a mombie.” ~ Sarah - Auckland

If your feeling like you need more support than this, try our one on one consult option. We got you!

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