Diary of a first time mum part 3

Diary of a first time mum part 3

Diary of a first time mum part 3

Since becoming a mother I can honestly say I have become a better friend as well, don’t get me wrong I will think about calling you regularly but never actually get around to picking up the phone, I most likely won’t be able to come to your dinner party because my hands are full and I’m in bed by 8pm and I can almost guarantee that I will completely forget your birthday!

But to my dear pregnant friend, I won’t suggest you try ginger to ease your morning sickness and I promise to never comment on how big or how small you are. I will bring you food and make you rest.

At your baby shower I will leave the blankets, soft toys and newborn outfits in the store and come armed with nipple cream, a white noise machine and chocolate! Because now I understand what you need.

When your little bundle arrives, I won’t bring you flowers because I know you have enough things to keep alive right now, instead I will bring you good wholesome (and freezable) food, I will do your dishes and fold your washing and remind you that although its tough you are doing an amazing job.

I will send messages to check in and let you rant as much as you need about your baby, your hubby or your mother in law and I will look at 4 million photos of your little bundle because there really is no cuter baby in the world and because it really does take a village.

Kellie Clarke

Kellie is a certified infant and child sleep consultant, an registered early childhood teacher and more recently a new mother!

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