How to teach your baby to sleep with a dummy!

How to teach your baby to sleep with a dummy!

How to teach your baby to sleep with a dummy!

End the dreaded dummy run tonight!

It’s no secret we love sleepytot’s! We only tell you about products we truly think will help your little one sleep, and we truly love the sleepytot, especially the new sheepy!!!

I have had many a client who have used a dummy successfully with their baby in the first few months of life, and found it to be a life saver, but as their baby got older it seems to be causing problems rather than solving them. If your baby settles at the start sleep but then wakes after one sleep cycle, 40-50mins during the day or 2-4 hours at night, then the dummy could be part of your problem too.

Why is this happening?

Yes, your baby loves their dummy. So much so that when they go to sleep with it, then wake later and it’s no longer there, they miss it and want it back again but they don’t know how to do it by themselves.

What can we do about it?

From 7-8 months of age we can actually teach them to find and replace their own dummy. By teaching them that they have control of the dummy they will be more likely to replace it themselves when they wake and then resettle without needing assistance.


It will be much easier for your baby to find and replace their own dummy if it is attached to something like a sleepytot or a fabric comforter, preferably a breathable cotton fabric like muslin, and no larger than 30cmx30cm so that it is safe to have in the cot.

To help your baby to learn how to replace their dummy we can use the steps below:

  1. Place the dummy in their hand and guide it to their mouth for 2-3day’s.

  2. Place the dummy in their hand so that they can put it in themselves for 2-3 days.

  3. Place the dummy on the mattress beside them and pat the mattress to indicate where it is, so that they can reach over and grab it for themselves.

Use this method at the start of sleep and if you need to go and see them during the night.

Some babies can learn this from a slightly younger age than 7-8months so feel free to give it a go but don’t feel too discouraged if it doesn’t work, just try again in a few weeks.

The dummy might not be the only issue preventing your wee one from sleeping so if you need some help figuring it out please contact us for more help or a free 15min chat. We’re available on Facebook, our website or through your local consultant.

Samantha Krukerink

Baby Sleep Consultant, Tauranga

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