Top 5 breastfeeding accessories from Breastmates

Top 5 breastfeeding accessories from Breastmates

Top 5 breastfeeding accessories from Breastmates

Five Must-Have’s for Breastfeeding

Starting out with breastfeeding can be a daunting prospect to expectant mums, and can be often be a difficult time in the first few weeks of life with a newborn.   Here are the top five products that Breastmates recommend for new mums.

  1. Hydrogel Breast Discs

These are the number one recommended product, an absolute must-have.   Pack them into your hospital bag so that they’re available to use while you’re still in the hospital.  It is during the first few days of learning how to breastfeed that the most damage can occur.  We don’t want to scare you with specifics, but perfecting baby’s latch is key, and incorrect latching can often result in damage to your nipples.    The hydrogel breast discs are like a surgical wound dressing with gently adhere to damaged nipples and help to heal them up quickly.  They work much better than nipple cream alone.   They can also be put in the fridge, which results in a cooling comfort when wearing them with engorged breasts.

  1. Comfortable Nursing Bra

It is important that you wear a comfortable nursing bra to support your breasts, and that it is not too tight or restrictive on breast tissue.  Always check that your bra doesn’t leave red marks on your breasts after you have been wearing it, as this can lead to block ducts.  Try a Seamless Nursing Bra for ultimate comfort and support.  Many women will wear a bra all day and all night, as changes to your breasts can make them feel heavier and fuller than before.  You’ll also most likely need to wear breast pads too, so the bra will hold them in place.

  1. Breast Pads

After pregnancy, most women will leak a little bit of breast milk.  This can happen more frequently during the first few weeks post-labour, as your body establishes your supply based on baby’s demand.  Some women will leak droplets throughout the day, others may release squirts from while breast while they’re feeding baby from the other breast.  It all depends on your flow and let-down.  Leakage can also occur at night, and when baby’s sleep patterns change.  So be prepared and wear breast pads!  Saves the embarrassment of a wet t-shirt while you’re in the supermarket.   There are several varieties of breast pads on the market, disposable pads are convenient, and reusable washable pads are economical – and will save you hundreds of dollars.

  1. Clip on Cami

There are many styles of breastfeeding clothes available (there’s a large selection on the Breastmates website), which all have designs that enable you to open your clothing to feed baby, without exposing your breasts or tummy.  The most popular item  is the Breastmates Clip-on-Cami.  This is a unique style, which you can wear with your regular clothing tops too.   This garment attaches to your nursing bra – turning your bra into a tank layer.  Meaning that you can feed baby without your tummy being exposed too.

  1. Feeding Pillow

If you are getting a sore neck, shoulders, or back it could be due to the weight of supporting baby in your arms while breastfeeding. You could invest in a special breastfeeding pillow which can ease the pressure on you. Or try some pillows or cushions from your bed to raise your baby up.

And remember if breastfeeding does not work for you, don’t beat yourself up about it. It is important that baby is happy and healthy, and that mum is happy and healthy too.  “Fed is Best” is the philosophy at Breastmates

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