Winter and your baby!

Winter and your baby!

Winter and your baby!

Brrrrr, winter has definitely arrived.  Winter can be a difficult season with kids, not only can it feel like they seem to pick up bug-after-bug but the cooler weather can have an impact on sleep. So here’s some timely tips on how to get through these chilly nights.

No matter the age of your baby or child, being too hot or cold can certainly affect their ability to sleep well. Keep in mind that we all have our biggest core body temperature drop around 3-4am so if your little person is waking around this time it might be a good idea to just check they aren’t waking from the cold. The easiest times to check are when you get them up for a feed overnight or in the morning.  The best way to check is by putting your hand or fingers down the back of their neck/back. They shouldn’t feel sticky or sweaty but also not cool. Their core should feel nice and toasty. If this is not the case, here’s a few tips to warm things up:

  • Aim to keep their room around 18-20 degrees Celsius.
  • Use some heating in the room; heaters with a thermostat are ideal.
  • Try not to have the bassinet/cot/bed under or next to any windows to avoid any draughts.

  • If you have an older home with dodgy window seals, grab some window draught foam tape from your local hardware store to help with this.
  • Look at adding another layer of clothing or socks, merino or merino blend clothing are wonderful at regulating body temperature.
  • We recommend the use of a sleeping bag once your baby is un-swaddled to help keep them warm and also to provide them with that all important sleep cue. If you have a baby who is now rolling or crawling around their cot and you have been using sheets and blankets you may find they start the night under these but seem to get out through the night, and may be getting cold. This is where the sleeping bag really is genius.

  • They are designed not to need any other bedding so long as you are using the correct “tog rating” for the season and the room temperature. The “tog rating” describes the warmth or “thermal resistance” of a product. At this time of the year you may need to be looking at a 2.5 tog bag (or slightly less or more depending on where you live).


Stay warm and remember we are through the shortest day so on the homeward stretch to summer and some warmer weather.

Sarah Antunovic

Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant


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